Small girl have to work hard at ballbusting to inflict desired pain on you

There you go 50 knees with my right leg. I really enjoyed that I feel very close to you, how do your testicles feel?

I see they are a bit red and have swollen up a little bit so we are off to a good start. I think the trick is to make sure the knee connects with the testicles on impact perfectly. That way I maximize damage as most of the force is absorbed by your balls.

I am a small girl so I have to work hard at ballbusting to inflict my desired pain on you. Testicle damage is also very important to me so I have to make each kick or knee as destructive as possible.

I think you are really opening up to ballbusting which is good. It's an important part of our life and it is becoming more popular as well. I am glad you accept that and I know it can't be easy. It must be very hard to take a ballbusting especially some of the longer sessions. It must be incredibly painful and standing there while your testicles are slowly broken down by me. It must be difficult for you but I am glad you accept it.

We both know you need more than 50 knees and this ballbusting is far from over. First I'll give you another 50 knees with my left leg then on to kicking. Now every time I bring out my platform heels you look scared you some time even beg me not to use them on you.

This stops now; they are a great tool to cause the most damage and pain with each kick. I like using them for ballbusting and so should you. I especially like the way your testicles bruise up when I am kicking you because then I know you are suffering.

When I put on my heels I expect you to be professional and accept that they are going to be used on you. I was going to give you 50 kicks but I think I will make it 75 to help you get to know the heels better so you learn to love them like I do. If after 75 kicks you don't love them then its ok I will happily administer more kicks until you do.

But first we should work on the knees then out come the shoes.

Stand right there so when I raise my knee it strikes you on your vulnerable balls. Good.

Testicles bruise up when she kicking you