Someone would send me this picture at work

Later that month, someone would send me this picture at work. That's my wife... well, on our wedding day, but probably before we got married, as she didn't have my ring on her finger yet That looked like her prep room, the one they groom isn't suppose to go in so as not to see the bride. Did she have one last fling right before the wedding?

She seemed to be acting odd during the ceremony, shifting weight as if something wasn't comfortable. And later that night, she kept giggling when I went down on her, although she did huge orgasm from that! I didn't know she had a thing for black men. Why would someone send me this now?

Who took the picture? Did she know someone was watching them? And why at my work? And now when I think of if she is always running out late on last minute errands and coming home late, but with nothing, no grocery bags or anything? Is she still... And why does that thought make my cock throb so much...?

I didn't know she had a thing for black men