Sometimes she did feel guilty about having sex with another man | Cuckold stories

Sometimes she did feel guilty about having sex with another man. When she got married, she truly thought that she would be faithful and true to her husband. But after a few years of his small cock and his insipid love making, she began to yearn for more...

And when her ex called to meet for lunch, she said sure. And when she brought him home, she felt a familiar tingle, but knew it was just a fantasy. But as he turned to leave, he gave her a hug and she felt him though his pants! And he was hard I and she hung onto him a little too long. And he knew it. And he kissed her. And she responded deeply kissing back!

He then had her down on the couch, her skirt off, her blouse down, and she somehow had taken his pants off! And as she felt his heavy cock, warm and throbbing on her leg, she for a moment thought that this was wrong, and that she was a married woman. She jumped as his fingers slid across her lips as she blushed slightly as she was so brazenly moist.

His fingers slid into her as she sighed, her body betraying her mind as she relished that feeling of being aroused for another man, one not her husband! That was years ago. And despite her husband finally finding out, she told him he could learn to live with it, or go! He stayed...

His fingers slid into her

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