Stripe you from your ass to your knees with her riding crop

My wife caught me staring at this gorgeous girl, and asked me. "I'll bet you've never wanted to be a bicycle seat so badly, have you?"

I knew better than to lie to her, and admitted it.

"Well if you really want to be her bicycle seat, I'll make you a deal. If you can get her to sit on your lap while you ride her around the parking lot, I'll let you out of your chastity belt for a whole day. But if she refuses, I'm going to stripe you from your ass to your knees with my riding crop, and you won't get unlocked for 38 more days. Why 38 days? Because she must have at least a 38 inch chest.

It was a foregone conclusion that I lost that bet just like every other one we ever made.

I lost that bet and stayed in chastity