Suffer full force kicks until your testicles are pretty swollen

Ok sweetie once you have taken your clothes off I want you to stand here like this.

I want you to keep your legs apart like this giving me access to your testicles.

You can then lean back on the bar stool like this to steady yourself as you are receiving the kicks. Then just focus on keeping your legs strait and your body still while I carry out the punishment.

I want to work on my ball kicking technique so I can cause more damage per kick. I want to perfect trapping a testicle with a kick between your body and my shoe. This then crushes the testicle for a short time before it slides out.

This hugely increases the victim's pain and causes sever swelling if repeated enough. I hear the pain of having this done to you is excruciating in fact the woman who told me about it says she does it only rarely because of this.

I think it will be fun to try and I will really enjoy it. Don't worry I am not mad and you, you have done nothing wrong. I want you to know that sweetie.

When you are in position just try to keep your legs strait. Try to overcome them wanting to bend with the pain. This is going to a difficult session for you so be strong for me, ok? Great!

Now I think I will start with some kneeing and move on the medium force kicks as a warm up. The full force kicks until your testicles are pretty swollen. After that I will start trying to trap them like I told you about.

You should come and stand over here and we'll begin.

Woman is working on her ball kicking technique