Take a minute and think what it will be like to live without testicles

This is it slave it is time for your castration. I hope you don't mind me drawing it out and torturing your testicles before I destroy them do you?

Good slave, It Is a shame you only learn good manners when It Is to late. I will take your balls one at a time. On the hard step I will use these heels to carry out the slow destruction. I warn you that I am an expert of the fine art of slowly dismantling a testicle. I will use these shoes to probe, compress, and stomp and grind your precious testicles until they rupture. Even when ruptured the testicles can feel pain. In fact even when crushed flat they can still feel.

Place your testicles on the step and tie the string around your left testicle. That's it, now tie the end of the string around the step so the testicle is pulled away from your body. Good now it is in the perfect place for me to work on and you can't pull it away. Now take the hand cuffs and cuff your hands behind your back.

There you go you look ready to receive your punishment. After an hour or so of painful torture your left testicle will be very swollen and ready to pop. When it is I think I will place the point of my heel in the centre and slowly push down. I reckon I can get it right though the middle and then I can wear your testicle like a ring around my heel. I hope the pain is unbearable while I do this to you.

Actually, maybe I'll do that to both balls. I have to pop them some how.

Before we begin I want you to take a minute and think what it will be like to live without testicles. I want you to think about what I am doing to you for my pleasure. Think of the pain as well then look me in the eyes and thank me.

Then I will begin your slow and painful castration.

This is it slave: it is time for your castration