Testicles are producing less testosterone because of all the damage

Thanks for everything you did today you did a really good job sweetie. My friends can be a bit of a handful but you looked after us all day. You got us drinks, cooked us dinner and cleaned up afterwards. You were great and that why I love you. The only thing that is left to do now is your weekly ballbusting. It's Sunday so that means 100 full force kicks to the testicles.

I have noticed ever since we started the weekly kicking sessions your behavior has changed for the better. You are really benefiting from all that testicle damage I cause you so I won't be stopping these sessions anytime soon. I think your testicles are producing less testosterone because of all the damage and that is making you more submissive. This is exactly the outcome I was wanting from all this, I am really pleased my plan is working.

Given how good you have been I was thinking of reducing the kicks but I don't think I should.

My plan is working so well and it would not be fair on either of us so you will still get the full 100 kicks still at full force as well. I'm sorry babe but you just have to accept it. Now take off your pant and stand in the position.

Good boy there you are all ready for pain.

I thought I would try these shoes on you today. The soles of them are really heavy and it is a hard edge that will strike the testicles. This will be perfect for bruising them and maximizing pain. While the primary goal of these sessions is to damage the testicles so they reduce their testosterone output. I do love to hear you scream when you can't stand the pain.

You know when you feel that constant, sharp, stabbing pain in the middle of your testicles? That means they are bleeding internally. That's why I ask you about it when I have administered all the kicks. I need to make sure your testicles are broken inside. Making them bleed also causes them to swell up even bigger than normal so just touching them is painful for you.

Thanks again for all you did today. If I kick really hard perhaps I can make you cry again so we should start.

Ready babe?

Take off your pant and stand in the ballbusting position