Testicles become very swollen at the 80 to 90 kick mark and start to really take on damage

You were late arriving at work today weren't you? It was only by a few minutes but you know the rules, they are very clear. If a male member of staff is late at all then they must report it and be punished accordingly. You were late but you did not come and report it did you? You went to your desk and pretended everything was ok.

I don't know why you did not just come to me and be honest. The punishment is only 50 kicks to the testicles then it would be over. 50 kicks is painful but it's not that bad, you really should have just taken them. 50 kicks are enough to inflict pain and leave you with some testicle damage which is needed. I think it is a fair punishment for being late to work.

The thing is you are not just late. You failed to report it so for that you need to be punished as well. For not reporting the crime I will double your punishment to 100 kicks I think we can both agree that is reasonable. I would also like to add a further 20 kicks as well so that's 120 kicks in total.

I find that the testicles become very swollen at the 80 to 90 kick mark and start to really take on damage. That is why I have added 20 kicks, I want your testicles to not just be battered and bruised. I want you to have internal bleeding in your testicles and for you to suffer a slow and painful recovery.

I have chosen these shoes for your punishment. These shoes are perfect for what I want to do which is inflicting as much pain and damage to your balls with each kick. I know this is a severe punishment but I think it is fair. I want you to have a long recovery so you learn from your mistake and don't do it again. That's why I added 20 more kicks. See 50 kicks does not seam that bad now does it.

Right, stand with your legs spread and put you arms behind your back.


Leave you with some testicle damage