Thank you for allowing me to serve you my Lady

Here is the tea you requested, my Lady. I hope it pleases you. I am your humble servant, and I wish that I could be a real woman like you. You are my goddess, and I worship the very ground you walk on.

Nothing in the world could bring me more pleasure than to serve you, and to try to make myself become more like you. Just to be in your feminine presence is beyond what I deserve. Please my Lady, I beg you! Please tell me how I may serve you next! I have prepared the bedroom for you and your lover tonight. I have lit candles, set out a bottle of our best wine, and prepared everything the way that you like it.

I will do as you have commanded and kneel down by the wall in the next room so I can hear you and your lover as he gives you the pleasure that I am no longer allowed to even think of with you. I only beg that when he is done, that you may allowed me to kneel down, worship your pussy, and lick up what he leaves inside of you. To be able to touch your special place with my tongue is such a great gift!

I beg you my goddess, I pray to you, please, may I worship your pussy when your lover is done with you, so that I may feel close to you? I want to be just like you. I love you more than anything! Thank you for allowing me to serve you, my Lady.

I am your humble servant