That look of fear as you watched her prepare another kick for your testicles

Kick! Last one lets make it good Kick! O go on then just one more Kick!

WOW that was so much fun baby. It was a great idea to introduce you to full force kicks, you look so cute with tears in your eyes, and I love to see you in pain.

It was a pleasure to see you standing with your legs apart trembling before me. That look of fear as you watched me prepare another kick for your testicles. I saw you tensing up your lower body as you prepared to receive the pain. This helps you stay on your feet but for me it keeps you still so I can land the perfect kick. Then I would strike your testicles with full force to cause you as much pain and inflict as much damage as I could. Your shouts of pain soon became twisted screams as I continued the kicks. Each one more painful than the last.

I have had so much fun. How about you baby how was it?

I bet it hurt and your testicles look a real mess as well. They are a lot bigger than when we started aren't they? Just look at the swelling, have you ever seen you balls this big! There are loads of bruises as well; those are from the hard front of my shoes. I don't mind admitting that I was really trying to damage you. I know that the force of a kick travels through the ball sac to the testicles. So if your sac is bruised then your testicles have taken much worse.

I am glad I have picked these shoes and I am pleased with the damage I have caused you. Now I did promise if you took all the pain you could eat me out. But before I let you how about a few more good kicks? Just 5 maybe 10 more to end the session, it's up to you?

Thanks baby I just love kicking when the balls are swollen. I think another 10 will be best. I'll give you each kick one at a time and real slow so you can savoir each one.

You can also feel each one prolonging your recovery.

Get back in position you have to earn my pussy

She would strike your testicles with full force