That's right honey, your wife is a lesbian

When you told me that it would be a turn-on for me to cheat on you, I knew just who I wanted to do it with. I always suspected that you used to have a thing for your friend's wife Katie, so I seduced her, and we had lesbian sex behind your back. You were right! It felt really good to cheat on you! And knowing that it was with a woman that you feel something for made it so much sweeter.

Just imagine me in bed with this other woman you have feelings for. Think of us touching each other, kissing each other, licking each other's clits. Yes, I can see you really like that. You're getting so hard! I did what you wanted. I cheated on you! I know you were expecting me to be with another man, but this was how I wanted to do it. And now that I've had sex with another girl, I've come to realize that deep down, I've been a lesbian all along! That's right honey, your wife is a lesbian.

I will never have sex with a man, ever again. And that includes you. You are cut off from now on. No more sex, no more blow jobs, nothing. I only go to bed with girls now. You are cut off, forever. If you want to sleep with me again, the only way I'll do it is if you have boobs and a pussy. If you want me, get a sex change. Otherwise, I'm off limits to you, forever. Katie is my lover now, not you.

Of course, you won't leave me. Do you want everyone to know that you drove your wife to become a lesbian? What woman would ever want you? No dear, you'll stay with me as my friend. You'll be obedient, and think of me as the man of the house now. Show me you understand your new position in life. Put on my panties. You'll be wearing them from now on.

I will never have sex with a man, ever again