The familiar taste of her juices mixed with his cum

As I crawl over to my pregnant wife, her eyes are locked on him. Her lover. The man who knocked her up, after she cut me off from having sex with her. I love her more than anything in the world, and don't want for her to leave me, so I've agreed to raise the baby as my own, and not to tell a soul that I'm not the father.

I get in closer, and start licking my wife's pussy, to show her how much I love her. The familiar taste of her juices mixed with his cum greets my tongue, and I gently lick her, just as she's trained me to do. She says that when I worship her pussy after he makes love to her, not only does it show her my love, but it shows him that I accept him as a superior man. She says its important to her than I show him that I know I'm inferior to him, and that I constantly remind him that I am willing to let him have my wife whenever he wants.

Its important to her, so its important to me. I can only hope that my licking gives her some pleasure, although I understand and accept that I could never make her feel the way that he does. As I lick her, he comes over, kisses her, and pats me on the head, the way one would to a dog. I'm so happy! I'm touching my wife, showing her my love, and I've just gained his acknowledgement.

I'm doing everything right. It must really please my wife to see this. I keep licking as she tells him how she loves him, and how she can't wait until she's able to get pregnant again, so she can have more of his babies.

I crawl over to my pregnant wife