The girl is lacking in experience in ballbusting and in need of some practice

Hi there your the gardener right? You do a good job of these lawns the always look neat and tidy. I see you are packing up, are you done for the day?

Great but there is one thing I would like to request if that's ok? The thing is I have been taking ballbusting lessons recently and I am really enjoying it. I am just lacking in experience and could do with some practice so could you help me out?

Really? Thank you so much its very kind of you. You can take your pants off here; there is no one around so we can do it out here.

I was thinking of starting with kneeing your balls then moving onto kicks, lots of kicks. Gonna get those balls nice and swollen. I would like to cause you a good amount of testicle damage if that's ok?

Thanks mate its real nice for you to let me do that to you. It's a lot of pain for a man so I am very grateful. Hey maybe we could do this every week?

OK take off your pants and spread those legs. Let's begin!

She have been taking ballbusting lessons recently