The girls had their fourth boy in permanent chastity

(The Sexual freedoms Act definitely gave mothers and sisters the advantage, ... up to a certain age. Put after that, boys were open game. And of course, not every one was aware of the intricacies of the Law)

Don't be so shy, Ingrid. He's been staring at you ail morning, and he is sooo ripe for the taking. I guess it's just unfair to be born a boy, but that's his problem.

Yeah, sometimes they just act so stupid and vulnerable. I can't understand why his mom doesn't have him in chastity like our brothers are.

Who knows, maybe his mom's just stupid. Come on, we've done this a few times before and I'm telling you we can do it again this time... Quiet, ... there he is by the pool. When we get to him try not to make fun of his little dick, ... I mean, ... what a runt. We're actually going to be doing that kid a favor by locking that tiny thing up so the other kids can't make fun of him, ... for having a little dick, anyway.

Well, okay. Hmm, ... he is kind of cute in a feminine sort of way. Maybe it would be fun to fit him with an expandable plug, too, to get him used to being pegged like we did with dad. What do you think?

Well, sort of, I guess. Who cares? We can talk about all the things you want to do with him after we get him alone and he signs that chastity contract. I mean, the kid's worth millions. Come on, ... come on.

Okay, ... let's cage him.

(And within forty-five minutes the M3 Chastity Contract was signed and thirty minutes later the Iris Blades of a Modern Mothers Movement Juvenile Gelder 360 tenderly and dangerously encircled his testicle sack. His new life was about to begin and the girls had their fourth boy in permanent chastity.)

Okay, ... let's cage him!