The heels I am wearing are very damaging to your soft balls

Are you ok there? Don't fall down on me we have a lot more kicks to get though.

We both agreed that this would be a severe punishment that must be very painful didn't we? You also agreed to serious and lasting testicular damage as well. It's easy to admit you have done wrong and say you want to suffer a fair punishment for your crime. It is a lot harder to stand before me with your legs spread and take the pain. Now you must keep your word, take these kicks and suffer your punishment.

I don't mind stopping to give you a moment to recover. I have given you the majority of the kicks and you have taken them well. Your testicles are badly swollen and have felt so much pain already.

The heels I am wearing are heavy and very damaging to your soft balls. But you should be pleased I am using them and thank me for it. They cause so much extra bruising, swelling and I want you to accept that is a good thing.

See what I mean it is easy to say you are willing to take the pain. But then it is a lot harder to feel it happen to you. Its ok I see you are trying but I do want you to have a more positive attitude towards destructive ballbusting in future.

Right! I am going to resume your punishment and you will not fall down or try to move. If you do I will add more kicks and extend your punishment. You will keep your hands behind your back and if I see you even trying to touch your testicles I will add 5 more kicks.

Now you will stand upright with your legs apart and look me in the eyes while I continue your punishment. It will be very painful, your balls will bruise, they will swell and I will make them bleed. Just remember you deserve this and will take each kick.

For this little break I will add 10 more kicks and you are grateful for that aren't you?

Good. Stand ready!

You agreed to serious and lasting testicular damage