The law is allowing a woman to punish a man by kicking his balls

Hey this is private land you can't fish here. I haven't got around to putting up a sign yet but it is still my land. I could call the police but I think it is better if we just settle this ourselves.

Have you ever been ballbusted before? The law was passed last year allowing a woman to punish a man by kicking and kneeing him in the balls. I am surprised you haven't felt this new law yet but do you know the basics of it?

If a woman has an issue with a man for what ever reason she is allowed to punish that man if she wishes. The man must cooperate fully and be respectful at all times. The woman is then permitted to damage the mans testicles by way of kicking and kneeing to cause the man pain. The force and number of these impacts is completely up to the woman to decide. Do you understand?

Good so take off your clothes and stand with your legs spread wide apart. Now put your arms behind your back and face me. You will remain in this position for the whole punishment if you fall down I will extend the punishment by adding more kicks. Firstly I will knee you 50 times and it is important you stay still so the end of my knee connects perfectly with both your testicles. Next I will kick you 100 in the balls. Again you will remain still so your testicles take the full force of the kick. If you move I will add more kicks.

This punishment will be very painful for you and will take a longtime to complete. You will feel your testicles swell up as they are damaged and bruised. This will then cause each kick to hurt more and more as your testicles become more damaged. You will find I am very skilled at punishing that part of your body and will be in pain for days after. This will be a very destructive session but given the situation I think it is fair.

You look terrified but you know the law. You don't have a choice do you? All you can do is hope you leave here with 2 badly damaged but working testicles.

We'll start with the knees. I am going to take my time and I am really going to enjoy this.

Have you ever been ballbusted before?