The man with whom she has chosen to cuckold me

As I walk past her bedroom (no longer ours), I see my wife laying on her side. She is a beautiful as the day I married her and my heart swells lust for a moment.

Then my heart sinks as I see HIM, her lover, the man with whom she has chosen to cuckold me! He is slowly kissing my wife's shoulder and his hand roams over the curves where once I explored.

She is slowly waking up to the gently caress of her lover's touch, a chore that I once relished! I quickly turn away as my eyes tear and I stumble out down the steps and head out to work.

It's not that they don't care if I watch. My wife says that I can learn a lot from her superior lover. No, I just swore to myself that they would never see me cry again.

They don't care if I watch