The most fun is kicking damages, swollen testicles know it causes so much pain for the victim

It was very kind of you to come round and see me. I have been really under the weather and feeling down but this ballbusting was just what I needed. Thank you very much you are such a good friend.

I am surprised you agreed to all this given my reputation for cruelty and I was so happy when you said we could make it no limits as well. I could not believe that but I decided I would take full advantage of it.

Removing limits really allowed me to unload on you its great not having to worry about recovery times or causing to much pain. It meant I could kick full force as many times as I wanted. I really like to kick hard and for me the most fun is kicking damaged, swollen testicles knowing it causes so much pain for the victim.

I do enjoy damaging a man and inflicting that damage nice and slow. Not just on the surface but deep testicles damage the kind that takes a while to heal. Just look at your balls they are very bruised and have swollen up greatly. I can be proud of damage like that. As I was working your testicles I could see the pain you were in it must have been very hard for you. I am again surprised you were able to take all that.

Now that we have finished and you are on the ground with two battered and bruised testicles that will still be in pain do you regret it? Do you regret coming over and volunteering your balls to me?

You don't regret it? Well how about when you are healed you come back round and we repeat the session? I would love to do that again. I have a crush box I like to use how would you like to feel my full weight? Sounds like fun doesn't it? Maybe we could discuss intentionally rupturing one of your testicles. I would really like to pop one. I could kick and stomp one until the side splits then grind it under my heel until it is completely destroyed.

It would be great if you would let me take one and I would be so grateful as well.

While you are recovering think about which one I should take. Then we can talk about it when you come back.

This ballbusting was just what she needed