The only true solution to end your sinful ways is incurable impotence

You seem confused but that is to be expected. You have been judged by the nuns of the sacred sperm, we believe that the spilling of sperm wastefully is the greatest sin. You have been found guilty of the sin of excessive masturbation and labeled as unredeemable.

It is clear to the order that you are incapable of ever stopping of your own free will, therefore we will begin a process that will end in the only true solution to end your sinful ways: incurable impotence.

The order does not believe in the use of modem medicine to fix this problem, nor in mutilation of the body, however the method used by the order has been passed down over generations and is one hundred percent effective.

First your penis will be locked into a tight chastity devise that contains a multitude of sharp spikes if your penis gets even the slightest bit erect it will be extremely painful. Over time this pain will stop you from being able to get erect at all.

Your duties during your enforced stay here will be simple and involve cooking, cleaning and assisting the various sisters assigned to yoi in their bathing and dressing.

Your chores are kept relatively light as most of your time will be spent in the pursuit of one goal: to make you as sexually aroused as possible. The sisters of the order will pursue this goal with a fervent ardor, and that is because the more your penis tries to become erect the more effective the treatment is.

We will be systematically discovering exactly what types of things turn you on the most and will be subjecting you to that most often. For example if you are most attracted to breasts then you will find the sisters constantly rubbing their chests of every part of your body. If you respond to the sight of two of the sisters deeply kissing each other than that is something you are likely to see often. Any time you seem to become accustomed to one stimuli another will be used.

Your sentence in your chastity belt will last one full year. After that time you will be released and a test will be performed: for twenty-four hours you will be subjected to the most rigorous tease session imaginable and if at any point through this session your penis becomes erect then immediately following this session you will be locked back up for another year.

This pattern will continue until you can pass this test without even the slightest erection. After you pass you will then offer your gratitude to the order for our hard work by serving the order one year for every year you spent in chastity. This time however your chores will move from being relatively light to being backbreaking labor. Each year you will be tested once again and any failure will result in you being place back into chastity and you will return to the previous lifestyle.

After your period of payback has ended you will once again undergo the tease test this time for one full week. Only after passing this will you be allowed to leave.

First your penis will be locked into a tight chastity devise