The shower starts and I know they're there

I wake up, groggy and alone. A sense of sadness and loneliness wash over my heart threatening to overwhelm me until I can get my mental defenses in place, to which the soul crushing despair to just a dull murmur.

I remember my life and what lead up to this moment as my eyes adjust to the darkness around me. I'm still here, in my basement. Maybe it's over and I can be free..., but no! I hear her giggles, her laughter.

Once, it brought me such great joy. But then I hear the low grumbling of another's voice. A man. Her lover. The shower starts and I know they're there. I fall back onto my mattress and release the sadness, the loneliness, the bitter despair to wreck havoc unto my mind and body.

She has him to love, to hold, and to be imamate. My despair is all I have, alone in the basement...

She has him to love