The utter enjoyment of making man pay the ultimate in pain

The kicks suddenly stopped! The white, blinding pain subsided, although the agony in my crotch was indescribable! As my vision cleared through my tears, I saw my wife, doubled over, shuddering! Had she hurt herself while delivering unmerciful blows, kicks and keys to my vulnerable balls?

Had she finally hurt herself enough to quit the nonstop torture she had made me endure for the past two hours? Her head whipped back and she turned towards me, a look of smothering lust and unfulfilled desire burning across her face! She hadn't stopped because she was hurt! She stopped because she was orgasming!

The utter enjoyment of making me pay the ultimate in pain had induced a mind shattering orgasm, and even as she continued to shiver and spasm from its fading effects, I knew that my night was far from over!

As she slowly straightened up and turned towards me, I knew she would want to have another, and it would be at the expense on what makes me a man...

The agony in his crotch was indescribable