There should be no safe words and no limits to a session of ballbusting

This is a great place don't you think? I love coming down here it is private and secluded and the crashing waves drowns out any screams of pain. That is why I have brought you here although Im am sure you already knew that. You see I like ballbusting and I mean really like it. But where as some girls are happy to give a few dozen kicks to a man's testicles I always crave more.

I am glad we both agree there should be no safe words and no limits to a session of ballbusting. I really like to push the limits of what a pair of testicles can take before they rupture. I think the goal of any woman should be to inflict as much pain and damage to the testicles as she can without them splitting open. We have come close in the past to you loosing a testicle but I have always stopped in time. I have been able to keep you in pain for literally hours at a time and I have really enjoyed that.

I love causing pain to a man and inflicting it to his testicles. I love watching them swell up and bruising them. I am glad we live in a society where this is a welcomed part of it. Remember last session? I used barbed needles on your balls and spent plenty of time twisting the needles around inside each testicle. I had so much fun and the fact that I caused you internal bleeding really got me off.

So this brings me to you. To know how much damage the testicles can take before they rupture I am afraid we need to know when that point is. I am sorry to say sweetie but I need to pop one of your balls. It is the only way for me to know. It is difficult to accept and it will be very painful but it is the only way. I will kick you in the testicles over and over and as they swell up I'll count the kicks and see how many it takes for the testicle to split open. I would also love the chance to do this to a man I bet it is a great feeling to pop a ball.

We should really get started. I know this is a lotto ask of you and you never know after this we'll go to the hospital and they may be able to save it?

Stand in the position sweetie.

Good boy. Ready?

She loves causing pain to men and inflicting it to their testicles