These shoes are doing a great ballbusting job don't you think?

I think I'll just sit down for a bit. Kicking testicles is really tiring after a while. If I don't rest then the force of my kicks might start to lessen and we can't have that. For each kick it is only fair that the testicles are struck perfectly in the middle so both balls feel pain. It is also important that I kick you as hard as I can so the testicles absorb as much force as possible.

While we are resting how are your testicles doing? Remove your hands so I can see.

Good they look nice and swollen, no wonder you have tears in your eyes. These shoes are doing a great job don't you think? I have notice they cause a lot more bruising and you look to be feeling more pain from each kick. The extra weight on my feet means I can kick you much harder and are perfect for maximizing damage as well. These weekly ballbusting session I have decided for you have been great for testing out this type of footwear.

From now on you will only be kicked with shoes like these. I believe that a man should fear even the lightest punishment. This way he will behave better and the best way to make him fear the punishment is for him to know it will be painful and prolonged.

That is why I will be using destructive footwear like these shoes on you. I hope you don't mind my decision to increase the damage and pain of ballbusting do you? I think it is a good thing we should both be happy about. I only hope your testicles can take it all, but we'll just have to find that out.

I feel better now so shall we continue? I was thinking of give you another 50 kicks so stand up. When I am done with you I doubt you will even be able to walk back up these stairs.

Kicking testicles is really tiring after a while