They kissed in front of me, my wife and her lover

They just kissed in front of me, my wife and who I assumed to be her lover, no regard that I, her husband, was sitting right in front of them. As he held her neck and kissed her deeply, she unzipped his pants and fished his cock out! What I saw next devastated my world! His cock, which started out flaccid and limp, grew! And it kept growing!

My wife just held him as they continued to kiss, and his cock kept getting bigger and bigger, inching out past her hand and towards me! It almost laughed at me, showing me why my wife openly cuckolded me, its sheer size dwarfing what I had shriveled up inside my pants!

They were oblivious to me as they kept on each other, but that cock... it was almost daring me to try to take my wife back, knowing I just could not compete... I just got up and left the two of them. And that huge cock... I knew every time for the rest of my life, when I saw my wife... I would see that cock, mocking me...

My wife openly cuckolded me