Think about how you can never touch me

Yeah baby, come on. Stroke it to the body you can never have. The body you can never touch.

Are you ready to cum? I want you to make sure that when you're cumming, you're thinking about me and only me. Think about how you can never touch me. How you can never touch your wife. Cum for me.

You hate your wife's best friend for buying her the book "Condition your man to be the cuckold you've always dreamed of' for her birthday. Your wife is not aware that you know she has this book, but you saw it in her night table the other day when she left the drawer open. If it wasn't for her friend seeing your little dick when she walked in on you in the bathroom while you were getting out of the shower a few weeks back, this would have never happened. You can't help but wonder if that was planned...

If this is how bad it is now, you can't help but wonder what her next steps are.

You can never touch your wife