Think of me getting fucked this weekend when I go out with my ex

Gosh, this has been a fun afternoon! I can't believe how much fun I had, tying you up and just abusing you! How many kicks did you take to your balls? I stopped counting after 200 or so! And did you like my other foot stroking you hard over and over?

Kick, stroke, kick, stroke! Man, you should have seen your face change ever time I kicked your hard-on down! Yet you kept getting hard over and over again! But I am getting a little tired, and I want you to take me somewhere nice to eat.

But before we're finished, I suppose I got to let you come. You're leaking pre-cum all over, so it's only fair! Now I'm going to get you hard one more time, then hook you up to the power vacuum while I shower. When I get out, I would image you'll have come already! And if you gave a "hard time", just think of me getting fucked this weekend when I go out with my ex. Didn't I tell you he was in town?

That's why I spent all afternoon with you: after dinner, you're taking me to his hotel!

Ooooo, somebody got all hard, even without my help! OK, let me get up and hook you up...

She kicking me in the balls and cheating on me with her ex