Thinking you going to see my breasts? But I want to see two bruised, swollen and very damaged testicles!

Come on get your pants off. You came back with me thinking your were going to see my breasts. Well I brought you back because I wanted to see two bruised, swollen and very damaged testicles. Guess who is getting what they want?

I am.

Now you have your pants off stand with your legs apart and put your hands behind your back. Now I am going to demolish your testicles. I am going to start with kneeing you then I will move on to kicking you. I may look small but when I kick full force I can deliver some serious damage to your testicles. And believe me you will feel plenty of full force kicks, plenty!

I expect you to remain standing while I take apart your balls. If you fall on the ground I don't mind but I will take that as an invitation to stomp your balls and stand on them with my full weight. Given how badly I will be damaging your balls I don't think they will be able support me for long, especially if I hop on them. Hop, hop hop Squish! So I really don't mind if you fall over.

Oooooo don't look so sad it will be ok. Actually it wont it will be very slow and painful plus I will leave you with some serious testicle damage but I will enjoy it. Try and think about that while I am taking your balls apart kick by kick. That's if you can think at all while suffering so much pain.

Open your legs. Good it's nice to see you cooperating now lets begin.

I can deliver some serious damage to your testicles