This is the ultimate tool to make him passive

Girls, if you want to control your man, you're going to want one of these. This is the ultimate tool to break his spirit, and make him become the docile, gentle, passive, obedient husband you always wanted. Note the steel chastity cage that keeps him from getting hard, or playing with himself.

A few weeks without being able to have an erection, and he will be dying to do ^anything for you, to have a chance for release! Then note the strap-on. You can have him fuck you. He'll last as long as you want. You can have as many orgasms as you can bear, before you get too sore.

But he won't get one ounce of pleasure from it. Imagine how he'll feel thrusting into you, not feeling an thing, and being in pain from trying to get hard! It won't take long for you to break his spirit. In under two weeks I had my husband agreeing to let me start dating other men, while he would stay home doing the housework.

I even got him to agree that he'd wear a maid's uniform! He's like a slave now, not doing anything unless I tell him. Meanwhile I get to have sex with other men, and no more housework for me! Its a perfect relationship now, meaning that I am in charge, and he is my slave. Imagine what you could do to your man with one of these!

A few weeks without being able to have an erection