This person forces you down and holds your head in place

Your hot as hell best friend's girlfriend was having some computer issues with her laptop, so she has asked you to stop by for some help. How could you say no?

It wasn't until she was out of the room that you started snooping. You noticed a folder on her desktop titled "pics" and you thought you'd just take a quick peek. It was going to be tough with your back to the door, but you checked and she was nowhere in sight.

The first pic in the folder... her in a bra and thong. That ass... that unbelievably hot ass. You couldn't believe your eyes. You were as hard as can be within seconds and without thinking, you reached down your pants and started to rub your cock.

Without any warning, you felt someone's hands on the side of your head. You panic and try to stand up, but this person forces you down and holds your head in place.

"Keep looking... unzip your pants and take out your cock. Now."

You know this voice... it wasn't your her, but it was her mother! Oh god... she started stroking your cock slowly.

"You like my daughter, don't you? You always have. Well guess what, she isn't yours. She never will be. She just uses you for homework and to fix things for her. That's right. You will never touch her sweet body. Your best friend gets to fuck her whenever he wants, but you will never have her. Especially since she is used to boys with big cock, which clearly, you don't have." She starts stroking you faster.

"Cum now, little boy. Cum to the thought of the big cock of your best friend fucking my daughter and cumming all over her. Cum to the thought that you will NEVER have her."

You look down to see your cum covering her hands. You have never had a better handjob...

You will never have her