To bring my ex-wife and her boyfriend breakfast in bed

One of my chores as Sissy Maid is to bring my EX-Wife and her boyfriend breakfast in bed.

I enter my former bedroom to the sight of my beautiful EX lying asleep in the strong arms of her new lover. They lay there resting from there hours of hot love-making the night before, my EX still dressed in her sexy lingerie and her lover completely naked his longer uncut dick fully exposed, shaming my tiny caged cock.

I put the tray of breakfast on the bed side table and kneel before the two gorgeous lovers. I awake my Master as I have been instructed, by gently sucking his bigger soft dick tasting my Ex -Wife's pussy from the night before.

As he awakes his cock gets harder and I continue to suck until they are both fully awake and my Mistress can take over and ride his cock for an early morning fuck.

Shaming my tiny caged cock