To celebrate one month long chastity sentence

Thanks for taking the picture honey. I want a reminder of the first time we come to this so nice and expensive restaurant for dinner.

Of course I like you surprise, who doesn't like to feel so pampered?

And it is just to celebrate that tonight your one month long chastity sentence is fulfilled! You want to show me your redemption and gratitude for firmly teaching you to be a good husband?

How nice of you, dear!

And now that you mention to be a good husband... didn't we agree that we wanted to exchange our car? Didn t we agree to limit expenditures in order to save money? Didn't we agree to ask each other before spend our money?

In that case the dinner, wouldn't t be a surprise? I don't mind dear.

The only objective fact is that your chastity sentence is fulfilled by 22:30h and that now, at 21:00h you have broken a rule of ours. That is called reincidence and earns consequences. Your sentence time resets to zero and this time spikes attached are on due!

Now lets enjoy our dinner honey. I am hungry!

You have lost your appetite? Poor you!

Your chastity sentence is fulfilled