Training you to be the ideal partner means regular ballbusting

This has been a great holiday I love the hotel and we have had a great time. It must have cost a lot of money for all this and I am grateful, please know that. The only thing is I know you want to progress our relationship and have sex with me. Sex will come eventually but I am still breaking you in and training you to be the ideal partner for me. As you know this mean regular and very painful ballbusting. So before we have sex I want to focus on that.

This holiday has been fun but I think you were hoping to have sex tonight weren't you? I told you we would not rush this and I would tell you when I am ready. I was going to give you a weekend free from pain but that can't happen now. I need you to accept what you planned was wrong and that you must suffer punishment for it. Do you confess?

Its ok you are a good guy you just made a mistake and will now suffer for it. So because you wanted sex I think a fair punishment is to make sure you can't have it, for a while at least. So I will need to inflict significan't testicle damage, I will need to leave your testicles heavily bruised and swollen. The kicks must also be given with full force so as to maximize damage caused right down to the core of your balls. As a result of this your sperm production will be much lower for a while. This will be your most painful and destructive punishment yet.

Now take off your clothes and stand in the position. I am not going to just give you a set number of kicks I will kick you until I have caused the damage I want. You will stand there with your legs spread and take it until I say you can drop to the floor in agony. We will not stop until I say so.

Even when your testicles are swollen, bruised and possibly bleeding you will still require kicks. This will be the most pain you have ever felt before. While I slowly take apart your testicles you will cry and as we progress you will scream in pain with each kick.

You look scared but I hope you can understand the need for such a cruel punishment.

Now hands behind your back and keep your legs apart. Are you ready to begin?

She will need to inflict significant testicle damage