Turned into a cuckold and having to watch my wife have sex with other men

After months of being turned into a cuckold and having to watch my wife have sex with other men, I told her that I had changed my ways, and I begged her to please let me be the one to have her again. To my delight, she agreed.

We had a nice dinner, and we had plenty to drink. She laughed as we stumbled to the bedroom and undressed. She laid me on my back, and I had a hard time sitting up. What was she doing? Why couldn't I sit up? She approached me with a huge smile on her face. And a huge strap-on poking out from between her legs! "As you might notice, I spiked your drink. Don't bother trying to move. You can't. But you'll remain awake for this, so you can experience sex with me, the way its going to be from now on.

You see darling, now that you've been a sissy cuckold, I just can't picture you as a man anymore. If we're going to have sex, you're going to have to be the woman." She inserted her strap-on into me, and gently pushed it in. I was so turned on from seeing her boobs for the first time in months, I could help but to get hard. And having her inside me gave me a strange new stimulation I'd never experienced before.

"This is how it will be from now on" she continued. "I will fuck you. You will take it in. You will be the woman in the relationship. Soon you can join me in bed with my lovers, so they can do this to you too. That's right dear. I'm training you to become bisexual. Soon you'll want this, even if its from a man. Now sit back and enjoy the best sex you'll ever have in all your life..."

A huge strap-on poking out from between her legs