Two weeks in chastity with spikes are on due

How do you dare to ask for permission to go to the pub? Haven't you said all the housechores were finished?

The kitchen is the first room I inspect I can clearly see spots of dirt in the floor. Obviously you have not scrubbed it properly!

Do you know what is going to happen now?

A week in chastity for a not well done task?

Not exactly, honey.

In my opinion you have lied shamelessly saying that the housechores had been done To lie is a major offense, so two weeks in chastity with spikes are on due!

Go to the bedroom and fetch me your chastity device, right now.

Pants down, hands on head. CLICK

Now start scrubbing by hand this floor properly on your fours

By the way, permission denied!

Pants down, hands on head