Using these sharp heels she will press the point right in the middle of a testicle

Slave. I have thought of a rather interesting way to punish you. You have failed me again so I have picked a very painful reminder of how failure is not acceptable.

To start will I will need to induce swelling in your balls, a lot of swelling. So we can start with full force kicking then move on to stomping. Hard, destructive and very painful stomping. Then it will be fun to see how long I can balance my full weight on your testicles. While balanced on your balls I might even do a little hopping. That should really get them swollen.

Next comes the painful bit. Using these sharp heels I will press the point right in the middle of a testicle. Then slowly press down and pierce the testicle with the point of my heel. I want to wear your testicle like a ring. I can then turn my shoe and cause you the most intense pain possible. Then I will continue to push my heel though the hole and as the testicle goes down the heel the heel gets wider. This will then stretch your testicle and tear me an even bigger hole. Imagine the pain you will feel.

When I have had my fun I will cut open your sac and pull out the tattered, torn remains of your testicle. Then using a candle I will burn it away then seal you back up.

So then. Which of your balls are you going to loose?

Destructive and very painful balls stomping