We are going to put chastity device on good use for a whole month

Don't ever try to explain yourself. I won't buy any of your excuses. You have had all the afternoon long to do your assigned chores.

I warned you before leaving to the mall with my girlfriends, that I would be throughly inspecting your chores. You tend to slack on them too easily, lately.

And... what I find in the first place checked? Dust all over the top shelve! You did not even took out the ladder from the cellar, so I have to assume that all the high places, will be in the same state.

You know what's coming now, don't you? Yes darling, go and get your chastity device from the drawer of your bedside table. We are going to put it on good use for a whole month. And by the way, get this ladder back to its place.

Thanks honey, so drop your pants, and put your hands on head, please CLICK!

While this device is just where we have placed it, better forget about enjoy your weekends too much. You are going to spend them all, confined at home, doing tedious and heavy labors since the early hours in the morning till late in the Sunday night.

Hope you learn your lesson

Go and get your chastity device from the drawer