Week more to your current arrest time for disrespectful way to address her at home

Ok, honey. It's crystal clear that you are the captain and I am just the corporal, that's why I have patiently endured all your silly requests, and I have had to fulfill your ridiculous orders during the day but now... we are finally at home.

So now, I wouldn't like have to remind you, who makes the rules here but just in case, better remember whose weenie is under arrest and unable to stand to attention, since several weeks ago.

So after all day long going forth and back, just for nothing, I am really tired. Be a dear, take your uniform off, put your apron on and start preparing a nice dinner for me while I take a relaxing bath.

Ok, darting

Pardon, hubby?

I mean... yes ma'am!

That sounds better, honey. But add an additional week to your current arrest time for that disrespectful way to address me at home.

Yes ma'am! Sorry ma'am! At your command!

At your command ma'am