Well my little loser, now you are my slave, and the slave to my friends

Did you ever stop to think? I mean, come on; the hottest girl in school invites you to her slumber party. You, the biggest loser in the school, not only are you invited to the party but you are the only boy invited.

You must have thought it was a dream come true.

All night long I've been giving you gentle caresses and kisses on the cheek, heck I even had you give me my birthday spanking.

Then I invited you to join me in the closet; you couldn't agree fast enough. The two of us completely alone in the dark, 111 bet you were about to have a heart attack when I started to pull down your pants and slipped your dick out of your underwear.

In that moment what did you think? Did you think I was going to have sex with you? Or maybe you thought I was going to give you a blowjob? Well I bet the last thing on your mind was that I would shove your dick into a pink plastic cage and then lock it up tight. Well, too bad for you, that's exactly what I did.

Well my little loser, now you are my slave, and the slave to my friends. You see our plans for the rest of the night is full of spanking, trampling, smothering and ball busting; along with you kissing and licking our feet, pussies and asses. I'm sure your dick is going to become very familiar with the spikes in that little tube.

And when the night is over: say around noon tomorrow I'm not going to unlock you but instead keep you as my personal slave. You will come to my house after school every day to do my chores and school work, and you are invited to all of my slumber parties from now on; which I will be having every single weekend.

If you are a good boy and do everything I say no matter how painful or humiliating I might consider letting you out after graduation, which is only three and a half years away. On the other hand maybe 111 just take you to college with me.

You the biggest loser in the school