We're shooting a cuckold scene today and you're a part of it

You always hated those times when you got home early and walked in on the set of your girlfriend making one of her movies. But as much as you hated it, you always loved watching the rest of the performance. The crew knew you pretty well by now. You didn't care for them too much as they gave you a nickname. They all found it so funny that you let your wife work at home, so they all call you Cucky.

"Hey look! Cucky is here! Just in time Cucky. We're shooting a cuckold scene today and you're a part of it. Why don't you get naked and get over there and stroke it until you cum on your pretty girlfriend's stomach while she fucks her stud for this movie."

You hesitate at first, but your girlfriend gives you a nod and you strip and do your thing.

"Wow, good job Cucky. 26 seconds! Now lick it up so we can move onto the next scene."

You hesitate again, thinking it's a joke when you feel your girlfriend's hand force your head down.

"Come on baby, lick it all up for everyone to see."

You get most of it as quick as you can so you can get the hell out of there to end the embarrassment. As you walk away, you look back as the director gets back from his break and everyone starts laughing their asses off, including your girlfriend, as they watch the replay on the screen.

It wasn't a cuckold scene, but they definitely got it on film...

They all call you Cucky