When she cheat on her husband, its her favorite part

When I cheat on my husband, this is my favorite part! You see, after being together for fifteen years, my body just doesn't excite my husband anymore. We rarely had sex, and even then it would be when he was drunk, and he couldn't perform very well.

Do you have any idea how it makes you feel that your body doesn't excite your husband anymore? I work so hard to keep myself in shape, and he doesn't even get hard when he sees me naked. But when I'm with another man, like now, and I spread my legs for him, I just love watching his erection grow between his legs.

My body is making him aroused! The thought that he will soon be able to penetrate me and put his cock into my wet pussy is arousing him. I can feel the drool in my mouth as his flacid dick grows harder, getting bigger, until its fully erect. Knowing that I did that to him makes me feel sexy again! That alone gives me more satisfaction than anything my husband can do anymore!

So I give the nice man here what he wants. I let him fuck me, and I tell him how big he is, how strong he is, and what a good lover he is. I go home so happy and satisfied that my husband doesn't even mind it anymore that I'm having sex with other guys.

Cheating wife is having sex with other guys