When were you advised to put a chastity belt on him?

So haven't you appreciated any improvement in his performance yet?

Well, yes a bit. But quite often when I start thinking it's working he suddenly becomes mad, bursting out with silly tantrums trying to dare me.

On the other hand, some other days he looks so sad..., that I really feel some remorse and I even think I should release him for a while, you know, I don't want to damage him in any way.

Don't worry dear, It's quite normal. The process is just starting when advised you to fix a chastity belt on him? Two months ago? And when did you do it? Six weeks ago?

Seven indeed. Wow, time flies!

By my own experience it takes at least three months of chastity before the benefits start to be seen. During this time he becomes a bit shocked even unstable but don't worry.

It's a completely harmless process. It all ends and goes back to normal as soon as he completely breaks. In that moment is when all benefits show themselves palpable. So be patient darling. Aren't you going to offer me a cup of tea?

Girls discussing their husbands and chastity discipline