Why would a woman want her husband to be a sissy?

What do you mean "why would a woman want her husband to be a sissy"? Why would she not? Just look at the before and after. Before, he never listened to me. He did what he wanted, and ignored my needs. In bed, I only got sex when he wanted it, usually when he was drunk or when I wasn't in the mood. And then, he'd want me to go down on him (and he'd never return the favor!)

He complained about the cost of my clothes or my hair appointments, and he just wasn't in touch with me emotionally. Now, I've got him to the point where he wants to be me. Yes, it took some getting used to, seeing him go around dressed up as a woman, acting like a sissy. But now, he listens to me, and we really connect on an emotional level! He knows he doesn't get to have sex with me anymore, so he never bothers me. Instead, I get to date men who want to woo me, take me out to dinner, act romantic, and all the good stuff you get at the start of a relationship.

When they move on to not caring, I can move on to another man. And let's see. Now that he wears my clothes, he never complains about how much I have to spend, since he gets my hand-me-downs. We even look at magazines together, picking out cute outfits] Teaching him to do girlie things like his makeup, nails and hair was like when I taught my sister, and it really brought us closer together than we had ever been before] Life is so much better. We're both really happy now. And it's all because he's a sissy now. If you want, I'll help you do the same to your man...

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