Wife knew husband wasn't able to make her pregnant

The baby is almost here! I'm so excited! When I first decided to get pregnant, I knew that I just couldn't let my husband be the one to do it. I needed a much bigger, stronger, smarter man if I was to have a child. I knew this one guy who was perfect for it, so I started having sex with him. To be safe, I had to cut off my husband.

I couldn't afford to have the wrong man get me knocked up! I meant to only have a brief affair, and to go back to my husband after I became pregnant. But to my surprise, my husband kind of liked it that I had cut him off. He even hinted that it would be a turn-on for him to watch me have sex with another guy

I told him I'd give it a try. and I had my lover come over. Hubby was so happy to watch, and so excited that he jerked off to the sight of us on the bed! When I told hubby to put on my panties, he gladly did it. I was amazed! Now I could keep my new lover, and stay with my husband! My lover is so happy; he gets sex without commitment, and another man to pay for everything when we go out on a date.

And since it turns hubby on for me to have sex with another man, he actually encourages me to continue to cuckold him and feminize him. I get lots of sex, and the baby I always wanted. Everybody wins in the end, and we're all so happy now! I should have thought of this years ago.

Wife cuckold husband and feminize him