Will this clothing enhance your denial experience considerably?

Listen dear, I don't know what you get out of your fantasy, but you really seem to love it, don't you?

During our teasing sessions I can tell hat you are truly suffering and in the beginning I had real difficulties that I'm the one inflicting your torment!

But the loving way you look at me afterwards and say "thank you" many times always encourages me to keep you denied.

I like that you treat me like a queen very much and the fact that you do everything for me just to get a few more strokes between your legs is quite helpful.

I really feel that this is improving our relationship, so in its favor I obviously decided to break one of my taboos. You know, that I disgusted girls wearing suspender stockings and could never ever imagine wearing them myself...

...but in our recent teasing interrogation they turned out to be one of your biggest turn-ons.

So take a good look, this is what I will wear today for your mother's birthday underneath. What do you think? Will it enhance your denial experience considerably? Ok then, go get me one of my knee length skirts and a matching shirt. If I like your choice you may watch me getting dressed and I will edge you one last time right before we leave.

Stockings turned out to be one of your biggest turn-ons