Will you be my feminized cuckold slave?

No dear. I said I'm marry you, but I never promised that I'd let you have sex with me! That's what she is for. She will continue to be my lover, not you. Ever! Don't think that I'll remove your chastity cage. Its staying on for good. But don't worry.

When Kathy here starts to administer female hormones to you in massive dosages, it will cool your male desires. In time, when you're no longer able to get hard, we can let your little cock out of its cage. But as long as you're capable of having a male orgasm, you're staying in chastity. Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way.

Will you put on my wedding gown and take my birth control pills to get your first dose of female hormones? Or will Kathy and I have to tie you up and force you to do it? Will you willingly be my feminized cuckold slave, or will she need to hypnotize you and alter your mind, making you want to become a girl like us? Its all up to you dear, but either way, you will never have me. and vou will wind ud as a female.

Don't think that I'll remove your chastity cage