With your little winky imprisoned in that cage I bought for you

Caught in the act again. Bro. You just can't help yourself? Even now. With your little winky imprisoned in that cage I bought for you (so as to stop you jerking off into My used panties). you still can't resist catching sneaky peeks of Me in My work uniform.

Yes. I know I look sexy as fuck in My barmaids outfit. but does it not drive you crazy seeing your little Sis dressed like this. all the while knowing full well that you'll never have your little cock inside Me? And knowing full well that there's not a night goes by when ! don't find Myself bent over the desk in My Bosses office.

Getting fucked into oblivion after closing-time? Getting drilled repeatedly by his huge black cock. with My pigtails being used as reins while He gets ready to fill Me up with His seed. Sometimes. He bends Me over His knee for a spanking before He feeds Me His cock & jungle juice. You didn't know that. did you Bro? Yeah. That's been happening a lot recently. now that I have told Him what the key round My neck is for.

I have a funny feeling He wants it. Don't worry though. As long as He doesn't come right-out and ask Me for it while He's spanking Me. then you're safe. You'll still get your monthly cummies. Now. can I trouble you for a lift to work? I'm already late and Boss doesn't like it when I'm late.

Caught in the act again