Woman should always wear platform heels to kick a man

Good I'll tell you what work we need doing. As you know now women make up the majority of the government they have made many legal changes. One of the law changes has made ballbusting legal. This means a woman is legally allowed to kick a man in the testicles as many times as she wishes and the man must cooperate. The company would like to use this as a way to punish male employees.

We have found that a lot of the men fall over when being kicked hard or if they need to take many kicks. Company policy states a woman should always wear platform heels to kick a man. This is to increase the damage to the testicles and cause more pain. We are finding women like the idea of more destructive punishments. They want severe bruising and swelling of the testicles and we need to encourage this. The company is also promoting the idea of longer sessions so we need a way to keep a man still so he can take them all.

So I want you to install to points in the floor that we can tie man's legs to. We want the victim's feet to be 120 cm apart to expose the testicles. We also want a hook in the ceiling so that we can use rope to tie his hands up and pull them upwards. We want to be able to then pull the ropes tight and limit the victim's movement. That we can administer even the cruelest punishment and he will not be able to move.

Do you think you can build all that today?

That's great news. One last thing I will need to test the device once it is finished so do you mind I use you for that?

Thanks for that. It's important we test it and test it fully so I will have to kick you full force.

I also need to make sure the device can hold you still even when your testicles are badly damaged. To be a fair test I will have to kick you many times and it will be very painful for you. I will inflict deep bruising and your testicles will be very swollen but it is important we test it fully.

Right then get to work. I'll be back in a few hours and we will begin the test.

Women like the idea of destructive punishments