Woman will kick you more accurately so she can maximize testicle damage

What are you doing in here? You should know this is where the women get changed. You can't be in here it is against the rules plus the punishment is severe.

A man came in here by accident only last week and the woman in here punished his balls badly. She made him stand against the wall naked and put on a pair of pretty big heels. She then kicked him in the balls 80 times as hard as she could. Each time he feels down she made him get back up and feel every last one. The nurse said afterward that she was surprised one of his testicles did not rupture. How did you not know about this?

Well I suppose that does not really matter but the important thing is now you must be punished. Luckily I have a good pair of heels with me and some time so I could carry out the punishment. I was thinking of increasing the number to 100 kicks to deter this in future, I hope you don't think that is too high?

I reckon it will take about 30 minutes to carry out the punishment but it is probably best we do it now. Just come in and put the lock on the door then you can use it to lean on while you are taking the kicks. Now take off your clothes and lean against the door. You are going to take a lot of hard kicks so having something to lean on will help you stay upright. It will also help me kick you more accurately so I can maximize testicle damage.

For coming in this room you must take the punishment. I do not mater how painful or destructive it is you must feel it. 100 kicks is a lot, you know I might even be able to rupture a testicle. I have always wanted to rupture one and see the pain a man feels as it bursts open.

Let's see if I get my wish.

You are going to take a lot of hard kicks