Wondering if your testicles would support her full weight if she stood on them

Now let's be honest. You have come round to my apartment because I am blackmailing you. I have information that will get you killed and you want

In the past we have spent a lot of time together and I know your have looked at me wondering what I look like naked.

Do you what to know what I wondered when I looked at you? I wondered if your testicles would support my full weight if I stood on them. I wondered if they could hold me or be crushed under my foot. I wondered what the look on your face would be as I did it.

Now if you don't want the information getting out I have getting out you will do as I Say. You remember that wooden box with the little whole in the middle as you walking through the lounge? You will go inside, take off your cloves and lie in it. You will but your penis and testicles through the whole and close it.

Once I have chained you in I'll answer my question. Will you accept?

OK then. Go inside and get ready you have made the right choice.

If balls could hold her or be crushed under her foot