You agreed to drop your pants so she could kick your exposed testicles

That was fun. Ever since I first saw you I have wanted to kick you in the balls. I am glad I got that out of my system and I can't believe you let me do that to you. I was really nervous about asking if you would let me ballbust you but I'm glad I did. I am surprised you just agrees to drop your pants out here so I could kick your exposed testicles. But I am grateful you did because it meant I could see how you could take full force kicks.

I did not hold back I was kicking hard and you were able to take the pain. I never thought you would be able to take it so well. Quickly pull up your pants and follow me back to my apartment. There I will introduce you to some real extreme testicle torture. Once we start there will be no limits, no safe word and very high damage. I will put you through hours of the most intense pain and make you scream.

I bet you would like to feel my entire body weight pressing down; crushing your testicles wouldn't you. Then I wonder how many needles I can fit into your balls? This will be loads of fun but first come back to my place, let me tie you down then you will offer your testicles to me. I will then stomp, trample, pierce, crush and burn them.

At the end I will cut open your sac and pull out one of your balls and make you watch as I burn it with a cigarette. I can keep it attached to you body for hours so you feel everything. You will see me carefully and slowly take it to pieces in front of your eyes. Then only when I have had my fun will I take it from you.

This will be slow and it will be very painful for you. But I promise I will try to leave you with one functioning testicle, well barley functioning testicle.

Are you in?

Introducing you to some real extreme testicle torture